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Congratulations on Your Win

Congratulations on winning one of my my beadwork pieces. I also wish to thank you for your donation which will help ensure that this pow-wow can continue for another year.

I hope you enjoy your piece as much as I enjoyed making it. To help you enjoy your piece, I wanted to share a little about how I construct all my rosettes. This way, you can be confident is using it how ever you see fit.


  • After completing the beadwork, I cut a protective insert using “butter lids” (figure 1)
  • I then trim the insert to be just smaller than the work, and glue it (using Aleene's Original Tacky Glue) to the back of the beadwork. (figure 2). This will protect the beadwork stitching as well as provide some stability to the piece.
  • Once the glue is dry, I trace and cut real leather for the backing. I do not glue this to the insert. (figure 3) I then stitch the leather to the beadwork using various edge work techniques. (you can see this in your own piece.)

By not gluing the leather to the beadwork, and providing a protective insert, you can easily run a needle or cut slits without fear of damaging the beadwork.

Fig. 1: Backing Material

Fig. 2: Backing Glued to Beadwork

Fig. 3: Leather Backing

Although the crafts seen on this site are 'Native American Inspired', they are not created by an enrolled member of any tribe. All crafts seen are made by me, unless otherwise noted. Feathers of protected species shown here are either repoduction, or natural alternative.

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