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Vigil Necklace

Title really says it all, I make loom work necklaces for my friends when they get Vigil. Each one is custom done to contain their Vigil name, the lodge number where they got their Vigil, the year they took their vigil, and the OA arrow head.


Each on tends to be around 17-18 inches long. Of course longer names means a longer necklace.

Using additional elements can be used to fill in white space, or help were names are a bit 'uneven'.

Here is a PDF of the various elements I use when constructing the necklace. elements.pdf


I have learned that those with the “Scoutmaster Belly” and thicker neck could use a few more inches also added to the overall length, maybe more in the 20inch range.

Although the crafts seen on this site are 'Native American Inspired', they are not created by an enrolled member of any tribe. All crafts seen are made by me, unless otherwise noted. Feathers of protected species shown here are either repoduction, or natural alternative.

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