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PVE teams to use/try

From a thread in the forum:

Different ideas/teams to try:

One Posters Idea


Rocket and Groot, Patch Draken

Tank with anybody switch when necessary, put out Groots blue and hit hard with Patches Red clean up with Draken if you need to finish somebody off


KK, Iron Fist, Luke Cage

This one is obvious and is better for the tougher nodes because higher damage output also a very solid PVP team for a 3-star roster


IM40, KK, She Hulk

Crazy control with this team spam She Hulks green and red, IM40 yellow all day long, also put 5 into blue not red and KK heals off the cheep casting and you can pop her green if necessary but majority should go to She Hulk. This group is also surprising good in PVP due to the control aspect of She Hulks green and how often you can cast it one IM-40 does his job.

Other Poster Idea

GSBW, Switch, Hood

Switch blue for purple generation Hood black to help with Switch blue  Hood blue for AP generation GSBW purple for gren generation and targeted tile removal (TTR) GSBW red for TTR Switch green as a desperation move to remove CDs GSBW green as a nuke and TTR Hood yellow for high single-target damage and TTR Switch purple as a second AOE in case you are too lazy to use GSBW or you just wanna stun the last goon.

Basically all the powers are useful against goons (but you usually don't use Switch's active powers).

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