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Teams for the SHIELD simulator VERSUS events.


3star Cyclops Colossus*, Rocket/Groot and Blade – Great rainbow coverage. I tend to focus on getting PURPLE and BLACK, with Blade being the 'basic' damage dealer. As soon as I have enough of either, I fire it off. Cyclops and Rocket tend to use more strategically. EX: save up extra Green before firing, or using yellow only when I need red to help Blade, or using I got a plan when the board is fairly clear of blue.

  1. YELLOW: heals Groot if needed, Cyclops adds red to the board
  2. RED: Cyclops blast, Blade dropping strike tiles.
  3. BLUE: Groot “I got a Plan” - slow to get 11, slow to fire, but at 5covers good strong damage
  4. PURPLE: Blade attack tiles
  5. GREEN: Groot makes a little shakeup, and (hopefully) gets some of those troubling tiles
  6. BLACK: Normally I use Blades, but nice that also have Cyclops

*NOTE… will fix later but taken OUT Cyclops for Colossus … I did not realize (remember?) that Groot need team-ups for his yellow - but Cyc eats TU … so alternative Red/Yellow = Colossus

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