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Marvel Puzzle Quest

Great puzzle game, and here are some of my assorted notes pulled from either the forum or my personal experiences.

PVE teams to use/try to check/try

SHIELD SIM Teams teams to try

Strong Teams

Bullseye + Patch + Elektra (all 3 star) (Need to try out in TBE)

Daken + Hulk + Thor (all 3 star)

Mags + Black Panther + Iron Fist (all 3star)

Fist + Cage + Switch (Have not tried, from forum) Switch generates purple for Fist, who can then generate black for Cage or save it so Fist can do high burst damage for 5 purple AP. I use this team a lot as it is quite quick to get the ball rolling, delivers good match damage (with purple and black 5 matches) plus IF attack tile, followed by IF and Cage damage abilities and stun.

Winfinite Teams

Winfinite is any team that can give you complete control over a board, basically never allowing the AI a turn.

Old (Original?) Winfinite was Marvel Now! Magneto and Mystique, because Polarity Shift used to let you place 5 blue tiles instead of 3, making it easy to generate blue AP for Mysqique's Infiltration, which also used to turn more Red, Green, and Yellow tiles into Black and Purple ones, making it easier to get another Polarity Shift going. Both abilities have since been nerfed, though, so they're not run much anymore.

Charlies Angels - Scarlet Witch, Grey Suit Black Widow, and Professor X. It's important that Professor X is a low enough level that GSBW's purple is the strongest color on the team. The goal for this team is to get purple fast, which Scarlet Witch helps with her Arcane Incarnation. When it goes off, it makes purple, and if you're lucky, it'll make a Match 5. A Match 5'll activate PX's Master Plan, doing good damage and also generating 4 MORE purple AP.

So when you got enough purple AP for Deceptive Tactics, you can use the 6 (!) green tiles Black Widow can place, and usually set up two separate Match 5s, activating Master Plan twice, and generating 8 purple AP. And since Black Widow needs 11 AP for Deceptive Tactics, well. It's pretty likely she'll be able to do it again soon, nigh infinitely. Hence, Winfinite.

Thormneto A 2-star team. Classic Storm, Marvel Now! Magneto, Thor. Have Thor tanking yellow and green to minimize damage to Storm. Focus on collecting Yellow. This team is missing Black, but not an issue. (I find myself focusing on yellow, purple, green, in that order). This teams powers all feed into another power.

  • Magneto's Polarity Shift to Storm's Wind Storm (stun for 4 turns)
  • Polarity Shift also creates red on board, causing cascades, and collecting colors
  • Magneto's Magnetic Flux collects all colors
  • Thor's Thunder Strike to create more green, then Storm's Lightning Storm to collect all colors.
  • Never use Thor's green, and rarely use his red.

Cascade Kings (or just “Kings”) Loki, X-Force Wolverine, Classic Magneto. Can take up to 3 or 4 turns to get going. make the board as homogeneous as possible with Polarizing Force (Mags red) and Surgical Strike (XFW black), then do Illusions (Loki purple) as much as you can. Throw in Magnetized Projectiles (Mags blue) as desired.

Cascade Kings-lite Loki, Cmags, and Mohawk. Basic MO is to remove team-ups, and then shuffle board. Usually, you want to activate Mags red ASAP, then shuffle away (it's often easier to begin with Loki purple ). Storm yellow gets rid of subsequent team-ups entering the board due to cascades, until you accumulate more red

Lore's Ladies She-Hulk, Grey Suit Black Widow, and Mohawk Storm. The idea is that you can pretty much get an infinite loop of GSBW's purple to MoStorm's green which will typically generate enough purple for another Deceptive Tactics. You can use She-Hulk's red to shake the board up a bit if necessary and it also provides good AoE - similarly MoStorm yellow gives good board shake. You don't use MoStorm's black, as it will mess up GSBW's purple.

MoStorm's best build for this is 5/5/3 - the 5 yellow is good but the 5 green is absolutely essential. With that, you trade 10 green for 14 random AP and cascades. You then do whatever you have enough AP for - Power of Attorney, Mistress of the Elements, or Deceptive Tactics. Once it gets going you get pretty much infinite board shake - lather, rinse, repeat. One piece of advice - always use Mistress of the Elements before Lightning Strike to maximize the AP you'll draw (rather than TUs.)

HulkFinite (Used this to get through most of BossRush v1) Hulk(3*), Storm(3*) and KK(3*). Have to adjust some values for this:

  1. Hulk = 3/5/5 (Green lowest)
  2. Storm = 5/5/3 (don't use black, gives KK hard time)
  3. Khan = 5/5/3

From the MPQ Forum – The idea is you are putting Hulk out front to 'make' green, and using KK to 'make' green. So any match you have to make, make on that puts Hulk out front (Green, Black, Red, Blue) When using KK purple, choose blue, or black. Storm will be damage - use yellow first, than green. Remember to count tiles before using Yellow or KK purple.

Lesser Winfinite

IDK much about these ones, apparently people have at least tried them.

  • Kamala Khan, Scarlet Witch, Mohawk Storm
  • Kamala Khan, (Classic I assume) Magneto, Scarlet Witch. Not quite infinite but once you get 8 red and 16 purple, you tend to be able to finish off any team
  • Storm, MNMags, Hood (Thormneto alternative) Substitute The Hood for Thor and that is another team that can take down much bigger teams. Once you have enough red and black AP use Magnetos red followed by Hoods Intimidation to fire it instantly. Hopefully this will generate enough of the other colours to help keep it going, namely purple, green and blue. If you have all three opponents stunned chances are you will have enough yellow for Twin Pistols. Not the monster move it used to be but can still cause a lot of damage, clear special tiles or create good cascades. It really is my go to Shield Sim team for slow climbs but lack of health will lead to retaliations.

Alternate Teams (DDQ?)

Teams I want to try out (maybe during DDQ?)

  • Blade/Falcon + any (Beast good)
  • Daken + Bullseye + Falcon (3 star team) Just did this one, lots of fun. Focused on green, then blue. Make sure you always have 5+ blue.
  • Doc Ock, Blade, Falcon -
  • Psylocke + Luke Cage + Bullseye Classic Been playing this one, nice rainbow team, seems good. My levels are low, but I do have 2+ in all the covers. Will have to try more when higher level/more 5/5/3 covers
  • Blade, Falcon and Spidey … Match in order Purple, Yellow Black Blue (avoid Red)
  • (Another PvE team?) Blade, Falcon and BP
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