Modelling Operations

Random Number Generator

Some of the different operation methods require a "random number generator".  There are a number of ways to do that - Spreadsheet formula, sheets of paper pulled from a hat, using dice, using a deck of cards, etc.   

Personally, I have created a card for each of my train cars, a "Car Card" if you will.  These cards are not the "card with a pocket" most people think of when they hear "car card" but more like a baseball card/trading card.  Then when I need to do something random, I use the cards.  If I need to pick 10 random pieces of rolling stock, I spread them all out face down, and pick out 10 cards.  If I need to assign my 10 cars to 3 random locations, I pick out the ten cards needs, shuffle them up, and then "deal" the out to three stacks. 

See more about how I made and how I use my Car Cards  

The benefit to me  is that:


My first layout is this.  See for the best set of details.

Train Game

As seen on "DIY and Digital Railroad"  I suggest you watch the video for full details, but my summary is:

Switch List

Lots of options, I am going to check out Switch List Generator v 1.1 Instructions