Scout Knots

I always get asked to teach Scout knots and lashing... so here is my quick "Brain dump" of notes and resources.

Web Resources

I am a big fan of  "Knots by Grog" --   -- There is even a section dedicated to just Scout knots.

Knots vs. Hitch

Quick clarification  -- "Knots" are when you tie rope together (think "Square Knot" ) ...  Knots will hold their own form without another object (such as a tent peg or a tree).   Hitches are when you tie your rope around something (thinking "Hitching a horse to a post") ... A Hitch requires you to form it aorund something, and therefore will not really hold their own form. 

The Scout Knots

The 7 knots and hitches needed for Scout requirements:

The Lashing

For the First Class rank, scouts also need to know, and then demonstrate (by building a 'camp gadget' , how to use 3 lashings.  

Common Other Lashing

A few other lashing covered in the Scout book, but not a requirement.  Often used during the building of a "Camp Gadget".