Penn Central N5K Caboose

The N5K series of caboose were transfer cabs, that started their life as AT&SF cabooses. The cupola was cut down to just a stub, and a bay window was added to each side. Looking at photos it seems like some had all the original windows boarded-up, while others left some open. I have found a number of photos on line for PC #18443.

I have an Atlas model of the "AT&SF" caboose in PRR colors. After learning about the PC N5K series, I decided I would kitbash mine into PC#18443

My AT&SF style caboose in PRR colors

Here is the PC 18443 -

Here is after after becoming Conrail -

Both these photos are taken of the "3 window side", and show that the bay window was installed in between 2 of the windows. On this side, only one of the windows were 'boarded over'. (the one closed to the cupola)

I have a photo that I can not link to of the "5 window side". The bay window has been installed in place of the center window, and the 4 other windows can be seen boarded over. (In my Atlas model seen to the left, the bay window would cover the PRR logo, and the center window)