Rolling Stock

Just some quick notes as I find them about my rolling stock. At some point in the future I might make a full detailed page for each or something... IDK ...

Right now, this is just a brain dump...

N5 Caboose

PGH Division

My PGH car was in service as of 1957, it shows up on the 1957 database for Cabin Cars

Railway Express

Looking to find it's number before and after being assigned to ARE - but I now know it was built Sept 1918. I need to look up more in article "P.R.R. Crew Express Cabin Cars" by Chuck Blardone in 'The Keystone' Vol. 29, No. 2 - Summer 1996. (ref: )

N5K Caboose

Got a whole page for this already: Penn Central N5K Caboose